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We provide and maintain top-notch totally customized Facility Booking System for Condominiums in Singapore/Malaysia since 2002. With over 100 installations arond Asia, Leading provider and preferred vendor for many Managing Agents.

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The main provider supporting Kinght Frank, JLL, UOL, Savills, CBRE, Heong Leong and other MA like Hoe-Tan, Keppel, Raffles, A4, Weavepact and others since 2002

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Project launched Q1'2016
Urban Vista
| The Topiary  | Rivervale Mall | Forestville | Eco Santuary

Project launched Q1-Q4'2015
The Seed (Johor Project) |  One Canberra  | Lotus Sanctuary | The Nautical
Archipelago  |  Katong Regency | BELVIA ( CEL)  | The Canopy ( MCCL LAND)
SPOTTISWOODE ( UOL) | Hill View Regency |

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Thanks Axon entire team for great work on our website. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do - I think the design is superb, and although I sent you a lot of emails it was almost spot on from the very first demo - was just the kind of format I was hoping for. Amit - thanks for all your time presenting to us - your tremendous enthusiasm and portfolio were what sold it to me - seems Axon is something of a market leader in condo websites even though this seems to be just one of many things you do!

I'd be delighted, am very pleased with our end product and its been fun to work with you all. Will put something together in the next week or so for you.

Great to work with you all

Thanks and best regards

Eleanor Doyle
2013 Counsel Board Member 

It was simply amazing to work with Axon and Amit. The vast experience in the Axon management to handle any situation arises from counsel members with regards to IT/Booking System make our job mush easier. Last but not least, the admin support team ( ida/imran) handling our day to day queries effectively and IT support team ( sankar/robin) looking into technical issues makes managing our booking system a breeze for years as CM are not IT savvy.

Most IT providers provide remote support as they oursource, but for Axon, I can easily call and go to their Axon office for training or slight enhancements or even clarify any IT doubts with his team anytime of the day as they provide comprehensive support on all IT areas.

Thank you Amit and entire Axon Team.
Andy, CM
Haig Court Condominium 

Axon took this project as a Prestige work. The huge number of facilities to the number of pictures involved, editing each to updating pages as I confess that I was picky and was driving you to stay without our tough schedules - even staying up with me until 2m for many days, it was total coordinated effort from all of you.
I salute you guys - Amit, Ida, Greg of Axon.

Sanil Parammal

Management Office

I have worked with Amit for 14 years and I am deeply impressed with his company's impeccable professionalism, highest level of integrity and unparalleled customer service .

Keep up the good work Amit and your team

Dave Phua
Managing Director
Training Edge International



Our solutions are customized to your house rules.
Each condo website is based on their Design Identity, we don't believe on template driven website.

Public website and Residents Website customized to MA/Counsel requirements.

We take our own photographs to expedite development and protect MA/Counsel from Intellectual Property rights of using third party condo images

Multi Access | Resident, Manager, Administrator, Concierge - all tweaking based on required settings.